Grief comes in waves, but they will not overtake you...A tribute to those who have survived depression and PTSD.
If Jesus made a bumper sticker, what might it say and why?
Do you feel ever bad because of selfishness, bad habits, and guilty pleasures? For not doing "enough"?
Whatever you search for, you will find...
Words are fun! They're amusing and whimsical; yet, they pack power. What are some of your favorite words to say and hear?
Why do good things happen to bad people? If God is just, why do bad people get good things that they don't deserve?
If God is good, why is there so much suffering? Why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?
Need a laugh and wondering what in the WORLD is a banana doing on this page? What does this have to do with us?
What lies do we hear in our heads? "I'm ugly, I'm not enough, I'm alone"...How can we silence these lies?
Have you ever wondered whether you matter? If you matter as much as someone else?
There's something that never fails to lift my spirits...
Ever feel like you're running dry? Maybe some comic relief will help...
Start the New Year from a Place of Grace
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Shifting our perspective on a situation can be very powerful. For the audio version, click below:
Where is God when we're suffering? How does He comfort us and give us hope? For the audio version of this post, click below:

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  In this age of crises all around---from pandemics to riots to natural disasters---it's easy to get overwhelmed by negativity. Join me in my quest for an uncircumstantial joy and liberation by sharing reflections, humor, poetry, practical strategies, and validation.  Let's find that we are not alone, encourage one another to take heart, and be set free from fears and worries! The heart of this blog is to lift our eyes off of the darkness to place our focus on the Lord---thus finding hope & freedom in the midst of crisis.

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